Observe that the brand new not true prophet and anti-Christ was in fact in the fresh new Lake from Flames maybe not

Observe that the brand new not true prophet and anti-Christ was in fact in the fresh new Lake from Flames maybe not

This suggests that their state when you look at the suffering are eternal where there is no time clock

(Rev. -14) This is when Satan and all who followed him will be tried, because books will be opened of all of men’s deeds, and another book will be opened, which is the Book of Life. All who was in fact not found written in the Book of Life were thrown into the Lake of Fire for all eternity, where the anti-Christ and the false prophet await them having been cast into it at the end of Armageddon a thousand years earlier. were or have been. (Rev. ) It also shows that they are still there and have not been annihilated, which is a false teaching of the Jehovah’s Witnesses as well.

Section 21 of your own Revelation after that proceeds to inform us you to John saw a special heaven and you may a different sort of planet. In the light that our planet will never citation out or cease to exist, according to (Eccl. 1:4; Ps. ; 148:5, 6), this need certainly to make reference to an effective repairing from the fire as 2 Peter 3: 7,10, which speaks of earth and all sorts of that’s involved would-be burned as a result of the actual molecules in which this new “facets often melt which have fervent temperatures.”

Much more could be said about SDA-ism but it would just be a repetition of the many blunders and false assertions they and all false teachings adhere to. Interestingly, there are several dualities that SDA shares with Jehovah’s http://datingmentor.org/cs/habbo-recenze Witnesses. They each other are guilty of much plagiarism, both have their own Bible version in which they have changed the Word of God to suit their false theologies, both claim to be the true believers, both claim that Michael the archangel is Jesus, both have set many false dates, both constantly cover up their errors, and both teach the unbiblical false doctrine of soul sleep (where a soul is in a state of rest awaiting the resurrection). While admittedly the Mormon Church has done and is doing the most covering up of their many errors, SDA is probably second in line with their cover ups.

Following this hit a brick wall and very last coup d’etat of Satan, God often rain flame down of paradise and wreck all resistance so you’re able to Your and his awesome saints, together with past great view would be stored, known as High Light Throne judgment

In The White Truth, a book written by John J. Robertson in which he was trying to defend Ellen G. White while she was being sued for yet another plagiarizing work, he wrote, “What we are as a church is a reflection of our faith in the divine authority evident in the writings of Ellen G. White.” (P. 61) It’s amazing but what evidence could there possibly be? The sixty-six books of the Bible are the completed canon of Scripture. No other work, whether good, bad, or indifferent, can match God’s standard of perfection. The Bible is Jesus in written form. The Son of God is revealed in WORDS known as the Word of God, or LOGOS in Greek, in human form the Word became incarnate, that is to say He took on flesh through being born of a virgin, whom we know as the man Jesus who walked the region of Galilee, as John 1:14 makes crystal clear. Hebrews 1:1-3 cannot be more persuasive about the fact that God used to speak through prophets of old – before the Cross – but Today, after the Cross, He speaks to us through His Son (the written LOGOS), not through Ellen White, Jomad, David Koresh, Jim Jones, the Buddha, the Dalai Lama, the Pope, any Hindu Yogi, or anybody else.

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